Bill Chen Wins Second WSOP
Gold Bracelet This Week
Event # 21 WSOP Tournament
Results. Get the latest 2006
World Series of Poker
Tournament Results and
Chen Dynasty ?

Bill Chen Wins Second WSOP Gold Bracelet This Week

Math theorist wins yet another title and $442,511 more in prize

Event # 21 WSOP Tournament Results
2006 World Series of Poker        
Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
Official Results and Report
Day One Results
Event #21
Short-Handed World Poker Championship
Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In:  $2,500
Number of Entries:  740
Total Prize Money:  $1,702,000
Defending Champion (2005):  Isaac Galazan

Las Vegas, NV – It’s a peculiar thing that our culture gives far greater attention
to the peripheral things than those which are genuine.  We bestow our highest
adulation on the rich, the famous, and the beautiful.  Everywhere you look – be
it magazines, newspapers, television, or the Internet – pop idols are the focus.  
It’s one reason why athletes and movie stars make hundreds of times more
money than school teachers.
When surveys are taken and school children are asked who they most admire
and respect – it’s usually a celebrity.  Not a scientist, or an academic, or a
philosopher.  Can anyone name any of last year’s Nobel Prize winners?  
Probably not.  But we certainly know all the latest celebrity gossip.  Society’s
warped sense of what constitutes “value” will almost certainly produce
catastrophic consequences down the road.  In the meantime, we must do what
we can to recognize the real extraordinary talents amongst us who stand out
above the rest in the ways that really matter.
If mental endowment was the sole basis for being rich and famous, then Bill
Chen would be a combination of Donald Trump and Paris Hilton.  The
quantitative analyst for Susquehanna (a highly-successful financial services firm
founded by poker players) holds a PhD in mathematics from Cal-Berkeley.  With
all respect to other scholarly powerhouses in the game of poker, such as Chris
“Jesus” Ferguson (hold a PhD from UCLA) and Andy Bloch (a graduate of MIT
and Harvard Law School), Chen may very well be the most brilliant mind in the
game today.
And now, he is experiencing a huge personal breakthrough   Most poker players
would be thrilled to win a WSOP gold bracelet once in a lifetime.  Bill Chen is
currently winning two bracelets -- a week.  Chen demolished a highly-
competitive field of 740 players in the Short-Handed World Poker
Championship.  It came just seven days after he won his first gold bracelet in
the $3,000 buy-in Limit Hold’em championship (good for $343,618).  
Played six to a table, short-handed hold’em magnifies strengths and
weaknesses.  Simply put, there is no opportunity to sit around and wait for big
cards and good hands.  Short-handed poker forces the player into making more
decisions, which are by circumstance tougher decisions.  This format naturally
favors those players with the best analytical abilities.   
After 731 players were eliminated over the first two days of the tournament,
Chen walked over the final table in a relatively swift four and a half hours – the
quickest final table yet at this year’s World Series of Poker presented by
Milwaukee’s Best Light.  Chen made it look almost too easy.
Chen’s victory is even more remarkable for the fact that he was at a sizable
chip disadvantage from the start – ranked fifth out of six finalists.  The chip
leader, Michael Guttman arrived fresh off his second-place finish in the Pot-Limit
Omaha championship, held three days ago.
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The first player of the final six was eliminated when longtime tournament
veteran Charidimos “Harry” Demetriou went out on a tough beat.  Demetriou
was dealt pocket jacks, normally a very strong hand in short-handed play.  But
not when the opponent holds pocket aces.  Demetriou moved all-in after the
flop and was quickly called by Alex Bolotin.  The two aces held up and
Demetriou finished in sixth place, which paid $58,719.
Next, Bolotin got a taste of his own medicine.  About an hour after Demetriou’s
exit, Bolotin was getting low on chips and lost with ace-queen to Nath
Pizzolatto’s pocket eights.  Bolotin, originally from Minsk, Belarus and now living
in Brooklyn, took home $78,292.  
Dan Hicks, who made it to the final table at the WSOP Circuit championship held
at Caesar’s Palace earlier this year, could do no better than fourth place in this
event.  On his final hand of the tournament, Hicks was dealt ace-eight, which
was dominated by Mike Guttman’s ace-jack.  Neither player made a pair, but the
jack played as a high card – putting Hicks out of the event.  He received
The next player to bust out was Mike Guttman.  One of three players at this
final table living abroad, the Australian went out holding ace-king against Bill
Chen’s pocket jacks.  Guttman’s “big slick” failed to pair up, resulting in a third-
place finish.  Guttman collected $139,564.
The heads-up match between Bill Chen and Nath Pizzolatto lasted just two
hands.  Chen held a slight chip lead when the astonishing hand that ended the
tournament was dealt out.  Chen raised pre-flop holding king-queen.  Pizzolatto
called the standard raise holding eight-six.  On the turn, the board showed J-7-
5-10 – giving both players had a straight draw.  A nine on the river cemented a
straight for both players – a dream for Chen and a nightmare for Pizzolatto.  
After Pizzolatto bet out, Chen raised all-in and Pizzolatto called.  Chen tabled
his king-high straight which flattened Pizzolatto’s jack-high straight.
The runner-up, Nath Pizzolatto received $238,280.  Remarkably, this was the
Houston-based poker player’s first time to ever play at the World Series of
Poker.  Pizzolatto became a serious poker player last year when he was
hospitalized after a life-threatening accident.  Instead of lying immobile in his
hospital bed, Pizzolatto started playing poker online.  Eight months later, he
was sitting at a WSOP final table and cashing out for nearly a quarter of a
million dollars.  
For all of his personal and professional success, both at the poker table and
away, Bill Chen remains remarkably modest.  He does not wear any jewelry.  He
does not even wear a wristwatch.  Friends taunted Chen after he won his first
WSOP gold bracelet, nicknaming the understated math wonk “Bling Bling.”  
There is currently some division as to whether Chen is now to be called “Bling
Bling” or “Brains and Bling.”   
“Math works,” Chen stated matter-of-factly as he posed for photographs in
front of a pile of chips and money.  “Math and poker do work.  A lot of my play is
not about reading my opponents.  Sure, when I get a clear read on someone, I
act on it.  But that is rare.  Most of my play in this event and in the limit event
has been to balance my play, balance my bets and bluffs, and call with the right
frequency.  I try to gauge what my opponents range of starting hands is, and
then devise my counterstrategy from that.  It’s all part of game theory.”
Poker players everywhere will get a chance to learn more about Chen’s poker
secrets in his new book, “The Mathematics of Poker,” co-written with Jerrod
Ankenman.   It’s scheduled to be released soon.  If book sales might be helped
by Chen’s win last week, they will certainly get an even bigger lift from this
second win.
With two weeks still to go at this year’s World Series of Poker, the question
everyone will be asking is, “Will Chen win gold bracelet Number Three?  If so he
would join the exalted ranks of Ted Forrest and Phil Ivey as the only trifecta
winners in a single WSOP year.
The Chen Dynasty may have just begun.

by Nolan Dalla

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2006 World Series of Poker        
Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
Official Results and Report
Day One Results

Event #21
Short-Handed World Poker Championship
Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In:  $2,500
Number of Entries:  740
Total Prize Money:  $1,702,000
Defending Champion (2005):  Isaac Galazan

Official 2006 WSOP Results:
William Chen
Nath Pizzolatto
Michael Guttman
Dan Hicks
Alex Bolotin
Harry Demetriou
Harold Cohen
Peter Jetten
Greg Merkow
Donald Mullis
Bill Lewis
Michael Bickel
Terris Preston
Tai Nguyen
Jordan Morgan
Phil Gordon
Karlo Lopez
Rohit Chopra
Jeremiah Smith
Robert Durant
Mark Stubbs
Philip Galeond
Wayne Boich
Anthem Ramsden
Jason Sagle
Michael Cribb
Samir Shakhtoor
Elton Beebe
Kenna James
Joe Beevers
Kristian Liwell
Johan Kretz
Trung Hien Nguyen
Corey Cheresnick
Aleksander Strandli
Anselmo Villarreal
Michael Spiegel
Ralph Levine
Robert Fox
Soroush Manavi
Randall Holland
Rchard Zisser
Trevor Whitenay
Anthony Guadagni
James McManus
Rami Boukai
Steven Graham
Kevin O'Donnell
William Ihrie
Mack Lee
Farzad Bonyadi
Tony Maehem
Joseph Grazianu
David Plastik
Steven Friedlander
Steven Cowley
Clifford Spiro
Thomas Popday
Jonathon Gaskell
Daniel Kaesser
Eric Cloutier
Mark Wilds
Leibold Imre
Ryan Hughes
Francois Safieddine
Richard Frazen Ashby
Kevin Song
Antanas Guoga
Richard Tatalovich
Russell Fox
Daniel Coupal
Alexander Borteh
Thomas Birmingham
John Pires
Lafayette Hill, PA
Houston, TX
Melbourne, Australia
Valrico, FL
Brooklyn, NY
London, UK
Los Angeles, CA
Toronto, ON  Canada
Plano, TX
Mooresville, NC
Chicago, IL
Congers, NY
Toronto, Canada
Fremont, CA
Norman, OK
Las Vegas, NV
Carolina, Puerto Rico
Burbank, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Gaithersburg, MD
Las Vegas, NV
London, England
Rochester Hills, MI
Austin, TX
Las Vegas, NV
London, England
Linkoping, Sweden
Vasteras, Sweden
Milpitas, CA
Coral Springs, FL
Oslo, Norway
Greenfield, WI
Lighthouse Point, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Los Gatos, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Winnetka, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Newton Abbot, UK
Downey, CA
Kenilworth, IL
Laguna Hills, CA
Granite City, IL
Scottsdale, AZ
Newton, NC
San Jose, CA
Aliso Viejo, CA
Tualatin, OR
Las Vegas, NV
Reno, NV
Richmond, VA
Naperville, IL
North Aurora, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Lafayette, LA
Biloxi, MS
Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO
Hacienda Hts, CA
Scottsdale, AZ
Briarwood, NY
Saskatchewan, Canada
Delaware, OH
Bristol, UK
Santa Clara, CA
2006 WSOP Tournament Results
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Bill Chen
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