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In-Depth poker room review
Full TiltOverview

Full Tilt Poker features top notch pros including Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson,
Jennifer Harman, Erick Lindgren, Clonie Gowan, Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, John
Juanda, Phil Gordon, Erik Seidel, and Andy Bloch.

Current Promotions

2006 WSOP Main Event

It's WSOP Main Event Mania at Full Tilt Poker. This year, they're giving away $1
million worth of free WSOP Main Event seats, and when they say free, they mean
it. Completely free... gratis... on the house. Nowhere in the world will you find a
guarantee tournament like this - not online, and not in any casino.

Full Tilt Poker is going all in for the WSOP by putting at least 100 Main Event
seats in the prize pool for this one tournament. Starting February 16th and
running through July 13th, Full Tilt Poker will host at least two $200 + $16 Weekly
WSOP Main Event Guarantees per week. These tournaments will ensure that at
least two players win WSOP Main Event seats each week.  Every week, they're
running a $1,000 WSOP Main Event Seat Qualifier, and it's their way of giving you
a great shot at scoring a seat at the WSOP. The buy-in to this event might be
steep, but you can satellite your way in for as little as $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt
If you qualify for the WSOP at
Full Tilt Poker, they'll pay your entry fee, and if you
go on to win a spot at the final table, they'll reward you with $50K. Finish in the
top three, and they'll give you $100K. Win the whole tournament, and they'll hand
over $10 million in addition to your Main Event top prize. Play at Full Tilt Poker,
where you have the best chance for a great time at the WSOP.

Register today at
Full Tilt Poker and have fun playing your way to some serious

WPT/WSOPC Winner's Choice

For many poker players, there's nothing more exciting than playing in a live,
nationally televised poker tournament. But, with all of the events to choose from
on the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker Circuit, it can be hard for
some people to determine which event they'd like to play.

That's why
Full Tilt Poker is putting the choice in your hands thanks to their
WPT/WSOPC Winner's Choice promotion. Play in either of their two weekly
qualifier tournaments held Tuesdays at 9PM ET or Saturdays at 9PM ET for your
chance to win a seat at any of the following tournaments:

WSOPC Harrah's New Orleans - May 25-28, 2006
That means you can play where you want, when you want. Win one of the
weekend qualifiers and you'll receive a $12K prize package, including a
tournament buy-in, dinner with Full Tilt pros, and up to $2,000 in spending money.
You can buy your way into the Tuesday or Saturday tournaments for just $200 +
$16, or satellite your way in for as little as $4 + $.40.

And, if you've really got game and you win your way into five individual Winner's
Choice WPT or WSOPC tournaments, they feel you deserve a seat at the biggest
game in poker - for free! That's right - if you win five WPT/WSOPC Winner's Choice
qualifiers, Full Tilt Poker will buy you a seat at the 2006 World Series of Poker Main
Event. That's another $12K prize package, and a chance to show everyone why
the world's best players hone their games at
Full Tilt Poker.  That's what they
call a Winner's Choice.

WSOP $50K HORSE Tournament

HORSE is an exciting ride where players compete in five games: Hold 'em, Omaha
8/Better, Razz, Seven Card Stud High, and Eight/Better (Seven Card Stud

A new HORSE tournament has been added to the stable of games played at this
year's World Series of Poker and, with its $50,000 buy-in, it's bound to have a
Kentucky Derby-sized prize pool. Full Tilt Poker wants you in the starting gate for
this incredible event, which is why they're offering a WSOP $50K HORSE qualifier
at 4:30PM ET on Saturday, July 8th.

Qualify for the WSOP HORSE championship in this fast-paced tournament and you
will receive a $50K seat at the WSOP, plus an extra $2,000 in spending money.
Satellites for this special $500 + $35 event started on Monday, March 13th, and
you can pony up for as little as $4 + $.40.

100% Deposit Bonus

Double Your Money Just for Signing Up. Full Tilt Poker is endorsed by the biggest
pros, so it only makes sense that they would offer the biggest sign-up bonus.
That's why they'll match your first deposit up to $600, just for signing up.

This is the one of the most generous sign-up bonuses anywhere online. Simply
start playing at any of their real-money games, Sit & Gos, or tournaments, and
you'll start earning Full Tilt Points right away. As your points total grows, they'll
put cash in your account. It's that simple. Plus, you get to keep the points.

Sign up today to receive your free cash bonus. FullTilt Poker, Where the Pros Live!

Poker Games Offered

Full Tilt Poker has the following choices of poker games:

Texas Hold'em (No Limit, Pot Limit, and Limit)
Omaha (Pot Limit and Limit)
Omaha Hi-Low (No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit)
7 Card Stud (Limit only)
7 Card Stud Hi-Low (Limit only)
Razz (Limit only)
Notes: Razz is a lowball variation of 7 Card Stud. Part lowball, part 7-card stud,
the goal is to make the best five-card low hand from seven cards. Aces are always
low, and flushes and straights have no effect on the value of a hand.

Limits and Rake

Limits range from 25¢/50¢ to $200/$400 for limit games and 5¢/10¢ to $50/$100
for no limit games.

Full Tilt Poker enforces a "No flop - No drop" policy. Pots are not raked in
Hold'em, Omaha, or Omaha Hi/Lo unless the flop is seen, and pots are not raked
in Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, or Razz unless the hand gets to fourth street.  The rake at Full
Tilt Poker is in line with the competition. Generally, a 5% rake, with a $1 - $3 cap
is the rule. Shorthanded games have an abbreviated cap to allow for more play.
Caps on the rakes are similar to that of other sites, and in line with industry

Deposit Options

Full Tilt Poker offers the following options for deposits:

Minimum deposit for ePassporte is $45 and a $250 minimum deposit for
MoneyTransfer. All other methods are $50 minimum deposit.

Frequent Player Points

Be a VIP with Full Tilt Poker's Frequent Player Points. The more you play, the
more you earn. Full Tilt Poker offers one of the best points reward system in the
industry. They offer you one point for every dollar in rake that is dropped,
including fractional points. Most sites limit you to a maximum of one point for every
hand; they let you earn up to 3 points per hand.

You can also earn points playing in tournaments and Sit & Go's. Earn 7 points for
every $1 in entry fees, with no limit to the number of points you can earn per

There are multiple ways to use your points, including entries into special points
tournaments, and redemption for merchandise. Start collecting points now - you
can redeem them for jerseys, shirts, hats and more.

Full Tilt will be offering special bonus point games, so keep an eye out for ways to
earn extra points.

Software and Playability

Full Tilt offer an excellent software platform for poker, players can choose from a
variety of avatars to represent them at the table, the pro players have their own
unique avatars. Players can choose expressions as well, from smiles to frowns.
The software itself is very smooth and has clearly been designed to provide the
perfect mix of serious game play with nice graphics.

Playability is very good, the software and graphics have a nice, smooth feel about
them. Despite what some may describe as a "cartoon" feel to the graphics, the
game play is quite serious with some of the higher stake tables containing very
skilled poker players, however, the lower levels are easier to cope with and
beginners should not be put off trying their luck here.


Full Tilt Points - Collect these for great gifts, freeroll tournament entries and to
keep track of your bonus account.
See Last Hand - Check back on up to the last 50 hands you played with their
feature. Notes. Simple to use and quickly accessed, the notes at Full Tilt will be
very useful for most players.
Stats - In an easy to read percentage format, the stats at Full Tilt are detailed and
quickly available.
Registered in Tournaments - Check what tournaments you are registered in
quickly and easily.
Find a Player - Search for your friends and family who are online with Full Tilt
Poker's find a player feature.

Customer Service

First class customer service, their website contains a lot of information but other
questions are answered quickly by email. Full Tilt Poker's Support Team provides a
prompt response to any of your questions, comments or suggestions.

Full Tilt Poker today, where you can Learn, Chat and Play with the
Full Tilt Poker Lessons and Tips from the Pros, Rafe Furst
Some of the best players in the
world have joined Team
Full Tilt
Poker.  The Full Tilt Team
includes Howard Lederer, Phil
Ivey, Chris Ferguson, John
Juanda, Jennifer Harman, Phil
Gordon, Erick Lindgren, Erik
Seidel, Clonie Gowan, Andy
Bloch, and Mike Matusow.  

It's WSOP Main Event Mania at
Full Tilt Poker. This year,
they're giving away $1 million
worth of free WSOP Main Event
seats, and when they say free,
they mean it. Completely free...
gratis... on the house. Nowhere
in the world will you find a
guarantee tournament like this -
not online, and not in any casino.

With 26 WSOP bracelets
between them, the Full Tilt Team
knows good poker when they
see it.  See who you'd like to
match wits with, then join them at
the tables and see how you
stack up.  You can Learn, Chat,
and Play with the Pros at
Tilt Poker, Where the Pros Live!

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Full Tilt Poker
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2006 wsop results
2006 WSOP results
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As we are sure you are all aware, the
U.S. Congress recently passed new
legislation that will have a significant
impact on the online poker industry.

While the intent of this new legislation
is to eventually prevent the transfer of
funds from U.S. banks to online
gaming sites, we assure you that
there will be no short-term impact
on our business. In fact, unlike many
of our competitors, we have no
intention of abandoning our U.S.

Full Tilt Poker will continue to
provide its players with the best
online poker experience in the world

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Poker Lessons and Tips from the Pros
Full Tilt Poker, Where the Pros Live
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Overall, full tilt poker is an above average poker room
with a loyal player base. The pro chat feature is the best
added benefit of FullTilt. The player avatars are also a
plus. They have the most poker professionals playing at
their online poker room than any other website. You can
actually speak with the pros at full tilt poker using the
pro chat feature. This is a great way to get some poker
strategy advice from some of the best poker players in
the world. I would recommend FullTilt Poker to a
beginner as well as an advanced poker player. Great
poker room overall.
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