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WSOP gold Bracelet
A Simple Plan

Praz Bansi wins his first WSOP Gold Bracelet

London Consultant makes good during the not so main
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Daniel Negranu
The Pros we Love vs. The Pros We Love to Hate

  • Daniel Negreanu vs. Phil Hellmuth
  • Poker Professionalism and Skill at its best, Daniel
  • Texas Holdem Poker Strategy for Beginners to Advanced
    Poker Players
The Mizrachi Family “The Grinder” and family

The Mizrachi family loves cards, especially poker, and the game
has kept their family close and has led to some fierce competition
among family members. Read about the Mizrachi family poker
legacy and how it continues today.
hendon mob
An Indroduction to The Hendon Mob

In August 2001 was launched by The Mob in
response to the increasing interest both in them, and in the
game in general. What started as a bit of fun with a few photos,
tips and stories soon grew into something much bigger.
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Choosing an Online Poker Room

I have a few online poker rooms that are my favorites and that I
feel have the best Bonus Policies and the best bonuses. I will
provide the details to help you to pick the poker room that suits
you best. Find the right poker room for your style of play.
poker games
Playing Online Poker as a Profitable Hobby

Many online poker players consider their poker play as a hobby,
or consider themselves poker enthusiasts. Playing poker as a
hobby can be a profitable endeavor. Have fun playing online
poker and make some extra cash in the process.
poker strategy
Major Poker Tournament Decisions

Playing in Online Poker Tournaments takes discipline. You must
make certain moves to preserve your chips and reach the final
table. No one wants to be the "bubble" and be eliminated  just
before the money position.
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Making the Transition from Play Money to Cash

Making the transition from free poker tables to playing for real
cash. Are you comfortable playing poker online and making a
deposit? Guidelines to selecting an online poker room where you
can feel comfortable to make a deposit.
Texas Holdem Poker
Maximize Value at the Texas Holdem Poker Table

Texas Holdem Poker players have varying styles of play and
different levels of experience. If you can quickly identify the type
of player you are up against and their skill level. Make better
poker strategy decisions playing online poker.
Online Poker Tournaments
Online Poker Tournaments vs. Cash Games

With the enormous boost in poker’s exposure, many players are
introduced through online tournaments. Many beginners have
gone from the couch to the computer, learning tournament poker.
Find the best structure for your play.
poker tournament strategy
Poker Tournament Strategy

There are a few general rules that you should follow when
playing poker tournaments online. You will find that utilizing these
basic guidelines for online poker tournament play will help you
cash out more often and win more cash.
growth of online poker
The Poker Explosion

The question of whether the recent dramatic increase in poker
play is a fad or is here to stay is a legitimate one. I love to play
poker. I play poker online quite often, and visit Atlantic City and
Las Vegas as often as possible to play.
heads up national poker championship
National Heads Up Poker Championship

In two short years, the National Heads Up Poker Championship
has captured the attention of not only the poker community but
the television audience as well. Last year's No Limit Hold'em
event drew an average of four million viewers over the six hours
that were broadcast.
poker celebrities
Celebrity Poker Players

Past stories have touched upon the endeavors of such notables
as actress Shannon Elizabeth, basketball great Shaquille O' Neal
and former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe as they stepped from
their areas of success to the felt with varying degrees of success.
pokerstars ipo
PokerStars Launches IPO

After much debate in the inner sanctum of the PokerStars
headquarters, it seems that the online poker room will enter into
the financial world sooner rather than later.
It had been rumored earlier this year that the company was
looking to sell their three-quarter ownership.
pokerstars news
PokerStars Reaches Another Milestone 5 Million

PokerStars had been quietly watching the registrations. After all,
growth has been, in a word, insane in recent months. Reaching
the five-million player landmark demonstrates a phenomenal rate
of growth for PokerStars, and the online poker industry overall, in
recent years.
phil hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth Joins Celebrity Poker Showdown

While it has been blasted by many purists as a blasphemy of true
poker, the Bravo Network's "Celebrity Poker Showdown" has
been extremely successful and helpful as well to the charities
that the players support. In the run of the program seven
seasons, over $2
Poker strategy advanced
Things To Consider Before Joining a Table

Betting limits
Pick a table that you can afford. Remember that you'll be posting
blinds in at least 20% of the hands if the table is a 10-seater,
and more often if the table seats less.   
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Kentucky Courts Uphold Online Gambling Ban
The courts in the state of Kentucky have ruled that online wagering websites must
block access to the residents of their state or face forfeiture of their website URL.
This ruling affects most of the more popular online poker rooms like PokerStars,
Full Tilt and Ultimate Poker. I have already noticed that some online casinos have
already blocked access to their casino from the residents of Kentucky. This has far
reaching implications for the online poker community.
Read the full
Poker Ban story.
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poker news
poker news daniel negreanu blog
michael mizrachi
hendon mob
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poker hobby
poker hobby
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texas holdem poker tournaments
texas holdem poker tournaments
explosive growth of online poker
explosive growth of online poker
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IPO Poker Stars
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poker showdown
holdem betting limits
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Cold Case Cards
New York state prison officials hand out "cold case" poker playing cards to inmates
in the hope that inmates will provide new leads in these cases. The cards are
being donated by the Center for Hope charitable organization to over 7,000
prisoners in New York. Each card has a different case and the details of the crime
are provided. This program was initially started in Florida and has led to eight
arrests and one conviction.
Read the full
Cold Case Cards poker news article.
Online Poker Cheating at Ultimate Bet Poker
The investigation into the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal has named Russ Hamilton,
winner of the 1994 World Series of Poker Main Event, as one of the people behind
the scam that involved user accounts with the ability to see other players’ hole
cards. The online poker cheating came to light when several players expressed
concern over the questionable actions of some online poker players. Read the
Poker Cheating story.
online poker news
Poker site launches new online casino
The Godfather of Online Casinos, is the
beginning of a new era in internet gambling. Is has become very
rare for a casino to openly accept US players, and even more
impressive is the fact that the casino bears the name and
endorsement of one of the most iconic figures in gaming today,
Doyle Brunson. The software is provided by one of the biggest
names in the industry, Microgaming and has over 300 games to
choose from, most notably, multiplayer blackjack.
Full Story.
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The Russian Poker Phenomenon
Poker has exploded in the past five years, not just in the United States, but all
over the world. The World Series of Poker is truly a world series now. The WSOP
even has a European championship to reflect poker’s international presence.

Even the World Poker Tour is getting into the act, with its highly successful
European Poker Tour. One of the groups to emerge in this global poker growth is
the wave of Russian players joining the ranks of poker professionals.
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Making it to the World Series of Poker
Making it to compete as a player in the World Series of Poker which is better
known as the WSOP would be a dream for any poker player professional or
amateur. The WSOP is one of the top two poker tournaments that gather poker
pros from all around the world to compete in Las Vegas. The WSOP is not a cheap
tournament to enter, the buy in to the main event runs anywhere from 10,000 to
25,000 US dollars. Read Making It to the WSOP news article.
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