My Poker Journal contains all of my tournament play at various
online poker rooms. You are welcome to read my entries and see
how I have been playing lately.
Playing a $10 Texas Holdem Tournament at
73 entrants, no re-buys or add-ons
Result: 2nd Place, $140.00

Started the tournament slowly, no hands for a while, but using my strategy, I
limp in a lot whenever there is no raise. I hit a few flops here and there, and
pretty much sat back and watched as 50 more people were eliminated. After
calling blinds and getting low on chips, I started raising with my A,8's and
K,9's. I went all in with a pocket pair of tens, and an A,K called me. When I hit
a 10 on the flop, I knew the hand was over, I doubled up. A few hands later, I
get the A,A, go all in again, and the same player calls me with K,10. Nothing
for anyone, and I double up again. At this point in the tournament, there are
about 16 players left, and the final table is 10 players at I folded
K,Q, A,10, and a pair of threes when other players pushed their chips all in
before the flop. I find it best to let these hands play themselves out when I'm
this close to the final table, and more importantly, the money. I reached the
final with no action, and the real play begins. I raise up my A,4 and everyone
folds, I went all in with a pair of K's, everyone folds. The blinds are $800 and
$400, so I can't complain. I get down to the final three, and watch as I get an
automatic second place when someone is eliminated. After a few folds, I get
an A,J and push all-in. After a hesitant call, I'm glad to see my opponent has
an A,4, until a four comes on the flop. I ended up in second place, not bad  at
Playing a $10 Texas Holdem Tournament at
49 entrants, no re-buys or add-ons
Result: 7th Place

In the early rounds, I took out 2 players with pocket K's. I was on the button
and first a raise, then the guy on the button re-raises all in with 1500 chips.
I'm on the blind, and I push all my chips in, the first raiser calls. He has pocket
J's, the button has pocket Q's, and I'm looking pretty solid with my K's. No help
to anyone on the flop, turn, or river. I triple up. Not much action until the final
table. I had a Q,K unsuited and I raised it up. I got a call, and 9,5,Q on the
flop. He pushes me all in, and I call. He has 9,5. Unreal, but on the turn, I get
a Q to double up to 6,500 chips. Down to seven players, I get a K,A and I
raise. Two callers and the flop is K,??. I do not remember the other cards
because I was psyched for hitting top pair with the ace kicker. I check, and
then go all in after I was re-raised. He has K, 10. I'm feeling good when a K
comes on the turn, and then, BAM, a 10 on the river. I'm gone. Needed to
come in 5th for the money. I finished 7th out of 49.
I was happy with my play overall in this tournament. I did suck out to the 9, 5
with a Q on the turn to give me trips, but the guy should never have called my
raise in the first place, so I felt good about that. I lost this tournament with my
chips all in with the best hand on the final table.
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