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Why Should You Play at Doyle's Room?
They give you a Bounty Rebate of $27.50 the first time you play!!!
Every new player can receive a Bounty Rebate of $27.50 real dollars on the
house for a chance to beat a legend! Imagine if sports car makers paid you to
test drive their cars, how would you like that? Well that's what they do! Why
do they do this? 3 reasons! to read  [
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Endorsed by Legends, Not just professionals!
This is the world's only site to be endorsed by Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson,
the legendary 10 time WSOP champion and the pioneer of poker as we know
it. We're talking the Babe Ruth of poker here.

Bulletproof Credibility! You know Us , You Trust Us!
What does all this endorsed by legends stuff mean to me? It means that you
automatically know they have bulletproof security, credibility, integrity, privacy,
and of course world class customer support. [
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You get 1 Free Bounty Rebate and a chance to play with Doyle!
Short of mortgaging your house and making it to the world series of poker
championship finals, this site is your only opportunity to play against the man
himself "Doyle Brunson."  [
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More Tournaments, More Prize Money, More Often!
The largest selections of tournaments anywhere in the world. Daily, weekly,
and monthly tournaments totaling $3,000,000 a month guaranteed!

Industry Leading Bonuses! We give you more free money!
Featuring by far the highest sign up bonuses in the industry, up to a
whopping 110%. For example, if you deposit $100 you get an additional  $110
free. That more than doubles your chances! [
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The Smallest and Highest Limit Tables on the web!
Since most of us don't have an excess money problem, we provide the web's
lowest limit tables. At our 1/2 cent tables, ten bucks will last you a lifetime. For
those of you who are lucky enough to have that problem we also offer the
web's highest limit tables to satisfy that high roller rush.

Play Free, Play Real or Just Learn To Play!
While other poker sites rush you into playing with real money, Doyles room
does the opposite. They focus on gradually improving your skills. How?
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Free online poker school. Learn from the best!
Can you possibly imagine better people to learn from?
At Doyle's "Lil' Red House of Poker" school and Mike Caro's
online poker university you will instantly learn lessons that took them
a lifetime of hard earned experience. [
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