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online poker laws
Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

The US House of Representatives has passed legislation that
will prevent online gamblers from using their credit cards and
to block access to gambling sites. This law is meant to clarify
past legislation that all online gambling is illegal.
Phil Hellmuth
First Player in History to Reach “Fifty” Cashes at World
Series of Poker
Phil Hellmuth, Jr. is the greatest poker player in the
world.  And if you don’t believe it, just ask him.  
Hellmuth reached a new milestone today when he
became the first player in WSOP history to reach “50”
in-the-money finishes. Hellmuth eclipsed two longtime
rivals – Berry Johnston and Men “the Master” Nguyen.
Strategies for Online Poker Rooms
Strategies for Online Poker Rooms

Nothing frustrates me more than a poker opponent
sucking out on me in the final rounds of a tournament.
Poker is mathematically statistical, so you have to
expect to lose with the best hand a certain percentage
of the time.
Million V Poker Tournament on the MS Westerdam
Million V Tournament

Over 500 poker players embarked on  cruise ship, the
MS Westerdam, for Party Pokers Million V tournament.
This tournament is a limit Texas holdem game that will
easily break the 1,000,000 mark.
Davenport Tournament Winner Poker
The Next World Poker Pro?

Can A 25 year old investment analyst from California
beat out the pros for a spot in poker history? Jim
Davenport beat nine other players in the inaugural Become a Poker Pro Tournament to
win an endorsement deal worth $250,000.
Playing Solid Texas Holdem
Playing Solid Texas Hold'em

Before you rush into playing Texas Holdem online, it
might be wise to take a few basic things to heart. This
will not only improve your chances of winning, but will
allow you to avoid wasting your money.
Online Poker Etiquette
Online Poker Etiquette

When playing poker online you're not sitting face-to-face
with other players at a table, but there are still points of
etiquette that you should observe to help ensure that
everyone has a pleasant playing experience.  
poker strategy
Things To Consider Before Joining a Table

1.) Betting limits
Pick a table that you can afford. Remember that you'll be
posting blinds in at least 20% of the hands if the table is a
10-seater, and more often if the table seats less.   
Hellmuth Joins Celebrity Poker Showdown
Phil Hellmuth Joins Celebrity Poker Showdown

While it has been blasted by many purists as a blasphemy
of true poker, the Bravo Network's "Celebrity Poker
Showdown" has been extremely successful and helpful as
well to the charities that the players support. In the run of
the program seven seasons, over $2
Poker Stars
PokerStars Reaches Another Milestone 5 Million

PokerStars had been quietly watching the registrations.
After all, growth has been insane in recent months.
Reaching the five-million player landmark demonstrates a
phenomenal rate of growth for PokerStars, and the online
poker industry overall, in recent years.
Poker Stars IPO
PokerStars Launches IPO

After much debate in the inner sanctum of the PokerStars
headquarters, it seems that the online poker room will
enter into the financial world sooner rather than later.
It had been rumored earlier this year that the company
was looking to sell their three-quarter ownership.
Online Poker Tournament Strategy
Online Poker Tournament Strategy

There are a few general rules that you should follow when
playing poker tournaments online. You will find that
utilizing these basic guidelines for online poker
tournament play will help you cash out more often and
win more cash.
The Recent Poker Phenomenon
The Recent Poker Boom

The question of whether the recent dramatic increase in
poker play is a fad or is here to stay is a legitimate one. I
love to play poker. I play poker online quite often, and
visit Atlantic City and Las Vegas as often as possible to
poker strategy online
Online Poker Tournaments vs. Cash Games

With the enormous boost in poker’s exposure, many
players are introduced through online tournaments. Many
beginners have gone from the couch to the computer,
learning tournament poker.
texas holdem poker strategy
Maximize Value at the Texas Holdem Poker Table

Texas Holdem Poker players have varying styles of play
and different levels of experience. If you can quickly
identify the type of player you are up against and their
skill level.
poker tournament strategy
Major Tournament Decisions

Playing in Online Poker Tournaments takes discipline. You
must make certain moves to preserve your chips and
reach the final table. No one wants to be the "bubble" and
be eliminated  just before the money position.
Poker strategy
Playing Online Poker as a Profitable Hobby

Many online poker players consider their poker play as a
hobby, or consider themselves poker enthusiasts. Playing
poker as a hobby can be a profitable endeavor.
Poker Tips from the Pros

Phil Gordon, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch,
Clonie Gowen, and many more.
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Kentucky Courts Uphold Online Gambling Ban
The courts in the state of Kentucky have ruled that online wagering websites
must block access to the residents of their state or face forfeiture of their
website URL. This ruling affects most of the more popular online poker rooms
like PokerStars, Full Tilt and Ultimate Poker. I have already noticed that some
online casinos have already blocked access to their casino from the residents of
Kentucky. This has far reaching implications for the online poker community.
Read the full
Poker Ban story.
Cold Case Cards
New York state prison officials hand out "cold case" poker playing cards to
inmates in the hope that inmates will provide new leads in these cases. The
cards are being donated by the Center for Hope charitable organization to over
7,000 prisoners in New York. Each card has a different case and the details of
the crime are provided. This program was initially started in Florida and has led
to eight arrests and one conviction.
Read the full
Cold Case Cards poker news article.
breaking poker news
breaking news
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