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There have been a lot of developments recently in the online poker
community. One of the most astonishing cases in recent history was upheld
by the courts of the state of Kentucky in which online wagering website
owners must block access to their websites from the residents of the state
by 11/16. The most popular online poker rooms and casinos are affected by
this ruling and you can see the results already. I have found a few online
casinos that are blocking access to Kentucky residents from now. This will
have far reaching implications for the online gambling community. I would
suspect that other states will now pass the same ruling and ban poker rooms
and online casinos from their residents.

Read the full Poker Ban story for more details and updates on our poker blog.

We are all waiting for the final table of the 2008 WSOP to start. It has been a
long time in the waiting and the anticipation has certainly grown over the
months. Looking forward to seeing the winner of the 2008 WSOP
tournament. This years final table event will, of course, be televised.

I am in the process of a major website renovation so I have not been playing
too much poker lately. I will continue to update my website to bring my
readers the latest poker news, new poker rooms, WSOP tournament
coverage, and exclusive poker bonus offers only available through our
website. I have been working with a few poker rooms to get a better bonus
for our readers and I will let everyone know when these new bonus offers
will be available.

I am restarting our poker forum in a new webpage format to avoid the
incredible number of spammers that leave posts. From now on, all posts will
have to be entered into a "contact us" form that will be reviewed prior to any
posting. Although I had to wipe out all of the prior history of the forum, this
new format will help keep the integrity of our poker forum and this was a
sacrifice I had to make. Please visit our new poker forum and feel free to
leave a comment about any poker related subject you wish to discuss.

I will keep everyone up to date as to any new developments in the Kentucky
state court poker ban case. Stay posted.
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