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Poker Pro Lesson #55
Bad Position, Decent Cards
Howard Lederer
"In spots like this, your best move is to
press an edge while you have it -
before the flop."
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Poker Pro Lesson #54  
Inducing a Bluff
Layne Flack
"It's hard to bluff on three consecutive
streets, and most players won't launch
that third bullet."
Poker Pro Lesson #53   
Back to Basics
David Grey
"As players improve, they inevitably
see more opportunities for profit, and
thus, see potential in a greater number
of hands. "
Poker Pro Lesson #52
Representing a Bluff
Huckleberry Seed
"If you had the nuts, he'd reason,
you'd bet smaller, trying to get some
Poker Pro Lesson #51   
Viewer Beware
Howard Lederer
"In the last couple of years, I've  
noticed that some of the less
experienced players don't fully
appreciate what they've seen on TV."
Poker Pro Lesson #50   
When Passive Plays
Chris Ferguson
"Ideally I want to get one decent bet
in  and by checking, I prevent my
opponent from giving me more action
than my hand can handle."
Poker Pro Lesson #49   
Book Smarts vs. Table Smarts
Erik Seidel
"Just as there is no right way to write
a song or paint a picture, there is no
right way to play poker."
Poker Pro Lesson #48   
Playing with John D'Agostino
Jay Greenspan
"After such a difficult opening, it's not
uncommon to see even very good
players overwhelmed with
Poker Pro Lesson #47   
On Cavemen and Poker Players
Ben Roberts
"Endeavor to leave each session in the
same emotional state."
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Poker Pro Lesson #46   
Small-Pot Poker
Gavin Smith
"I'm looking to pick up a lot of small
pots by applying a constant level of
pressure to my opponents."
Poker Pro Lesson #45   
Tips From Tunica
Andy Bloch
"When he check-raised, he failed to
ask himself a critical question: What
hand can I call with that he could
Poker Pro Lesson #44   
How Big a Bankroll?
Team Full Tilt
"If you're nervous about what you
stand to lose in a given pot, you're
probably playing too high for your
bankroll. "
Poker Pro Lesson #43   
Thoughts on Omaha-8
Jennifer Harman
"Whenever possible, you need to
position yourself to take every chip
from a big pot."
Poker Pro Lesson #42   
In Defense of the Call
Gavin Smith
"A strategic call might keep me from
going broke in a hand where I hold a
good, but second-best hand."
Poker Pro Lesson #41   
Stepping Up, Stepping Down
Kristy Gazes
"Early in my poker career I set a
simple rule for myself: I would never
move to a higher limit until I won three
consecutive sessions."
Poker Pro Lesson #40   
Playing a Big Draw in Hold'em
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
"Playing big draws aggressively
against multiple opponents can create
very profitable situations."
Poker Pro Lesson #39   
Know Your (Table) Limits
Paul Wolfe
"As I play, I take note of the loose
players and tight players, and then use
that information to decide which seat
will be most profitable."
Poker Pro Lesson #38   
Getting Started in Stud-8
Jennifer Harman
"The major mistake that new players
make is that they play aggressively
with hands that might serve them well
in a regular game of 7-Card Stud."
Poker Pro Lesson #37   
Whats Your Starting Hand Worth
Steve Brecher
"There is no universal definition of
what "better" means when comparing
hold 'em starting hands."
Poker Pro Lesson #36   
Big Slick: A Slippery Hand
Rafe Furst
"Many people fall in love with A-K
pre-flop because they know that they
can rarely be much worse than 50-50
to win the hand."
Poker Pro Lesson #35   
Bad Cards or Bad Plays?
Team Full Tilt
"I know that some days, even if I play
perfectly, I'm going to lose."
Poker Pro Lesson #34   
Strategies for Limit Hold 'em
John D'Agostino
"The position raise puts me in control
of the hand and the pressure puts the
blinds in a spot where they need to
catch a piece of the flop."
Poker Pro Lesson #33   
Taking on a No-Limit Game
John D'Agostino
"Three- or four-handed games are
usually very aggressive, and I will
never limp in."
Poker Lessons and Tips Full Tilt Poker
Poker Pro Lesson #32   
What I learned at the WSOP
Jay Greenspan
"When playing, keep your mouth shut
and don't do your opposition any
Poker Pro Lesson #31   
Back to the Drawing Board
Perry Friedman
"If you're against a player who likes to
slow play or who will bluff you out
with a big bet, a small bet gives you
the best chance of seeing the turn."
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Poker Pro Lesson #30   
It's Not Easy Being Green. Is It?
Team Full Tilt
"Everyone agreed that one of the best
ways to improve your game is to play
against better players."
Poker Pro Lesson #29   
Texture Isn't Just For Fabric
Phil Gordon
"If my hand is unlikely to improve, I
tend to bet more than 2/3 of the pot. I
want to take this pot now."
Poker Pro Lesson #28   
Know Your Opponent
Paul Wolfe
"Poker is often not so much about the
cards you have, but knowing the way
your opponent plays."
Poker Pro Lesson #27   
How Bad are the Beats?
Steve Brecher
"After my bet and the opponent's all
in-raise, I was getting pot odds of 3.7
to 1 to call, so the call is clearly
Poker Pro Lesson #26   
Third Street in Seven Stud
Perry Friedman
"You should almost never bring in for a
completion in Stud Hi, except in very
rare tournament situations."
Poker Pro Lesson #25   
Flopping a Monster
Richard Brodie
"Big hands can mean big pots. But,
with a big hand, it's even more
important to strategize and figure out
how strong your opponent is."
More Poker Lessons
Lesson #1 through #24
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