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Poker Lesson #24   
Our Favorite Poker Books
Team Full Tilt
August 30, 2005
"Chris Ferguson believes David
Sklansky's Hold 'em for the Advanced
Player and Theory of Poker are perhaps
the two best books out there."
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Poker Lesson #23   
Holding On To Your Winnings
Aaron "GambleAB" Bartley
August 22, 2005
"One slip-up can spell disaster for a
bankroll, and watching six months of
hard work disappear in six hours of play
is enough to crush anyone's spirits."
Poker Lesson #22   
No-limit by the Numbers
Andy Bloch
August 15, 2005
"In poker, it's the long run that matters,
so he should only call if his probability
of winning is greater than 40%."
Poker Lesson #21
Chip Sandwich
Phil Gordon
August 8, 2005
"If my raise gets the initial raiser to
fold, the meat of the chips will very
often be coming my way."
Poker Lesson #20   
Sizing Up Your Opening Bet
Chris Ferguson
August 1, 2005
"Poker is like real estate. The three
most important factors in deciding how
much to raise are: Location, location,
Poker Lesson #19   
So You Wanna Go Pro
Rafe Furst
July 25, 2005
"Poker is a great game; it's tons of fun,
and has never been as potentially
profitable as it is today. But try to keep
it in perspective."
Poker Lesson #18   
Dealer, Leave the Bets
Greg Mascio
July 18, 2005
"The first and most important thing,
especially in Omaha/8, is knowing
where you're at on every street."
Poker Lesson #17   
Not Playing By The Book
Phil Gordon
July 11, 2005
"Poker is not a game that is best played
by the numbers. Poker is a game of
Poker Lesson #16   
Playing Two or More Tables
Erick Lindgren
July 4, 2005
"...the best way to keep up with the
action is to look for hands you can fold
Poker Lesson #15   
How To Win At Tournament
Poker, Part 2
Chris Ferguson
June 27, 2005
"Most people would be better off
making no changes at all, rather than
the changes that they do make"
Poker Lesson #14   
How To Win At Tournament
Poker, Part 1
Chris Ferguson
June 20, 2005
"How much of a difference is there
between ring game strategy and
tournament strategy? The answer: Not
as much as you think."
Poker Lesson #13   
Specialize At Your Peril
Howard Lederer
June 13, 2005
"Playing the other games will develop
skills that will simply make you a better
poker player."
Poker Lesson #12   
Common Mistakes
Phil Gordon
June 6, 2005
"I will very rarely bluff against a
"calling station."
Poker Lesson #11   
Don't Play a Big Pot Unless
You Have a Big Hand
John Juanda
May 30, 2005
"All of a sudden, I don't like my hand --
so much."
Poker Lesson #10   
Ask And Ye Shall Receive Part
Erick Lindgren
May 23, 2005
"Wouldn't Casey have been more than
happy to raise with his A-A, knowing
the older gentleman would reraise him?"
Poker Lesson #9   
Ask And Ye Shall Receive Part
Erick Lindgren
May 16, 2005
"I want him to view me as a young
hot-shot, with the hopes that he'll bully
me later when I have the goods."
Poker Lesson #8   
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Jennifer Harman
May 9, 2005
"Usually a losing player is scared to get
involved with a winning player, so it's
easier for you to pick up pots."
Poker Lesson #7   
Keep Your Toolbox Well
Chris Ferguson
May 2, 2005
"One essential element of playing
winning poker is forcing your opponents
to make difficult decisions."
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Poker Lesson #6   
Why I Leave My Sunglasses
And iPod At Home
Howard Lederer
April 25, 2005
"I am confident that the information I
take in with my eyes far exceeds what I
give away."
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Poker Lesson #5   
In Pot Limit...
Clonie Gowen
April 11, 2005
"What many beginning pot limit Omaha
players do not understand is that
Omaha is really a game of redraws."
Poker Lesson #4   
The Script
Phil Gordon
April 4, 2005
"After a careful analysis, if I'm not sure
if I should raise and I'm not sure I
should fold, I feel confident that calling
a bet (or checking) is correct."
Poker Lesson #3   
Just A Few Things When
Playing Razz
Jennifer Harman
March 28, 2005
"If your opponent catches a baby and
you catch big, you should let it go."
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Poker Lesson #2   
A Way To Approximate The
Clonie Gowen
March 21, 2005
"Knowing the approximate likelihood of
making your hand is a good beginning
step on the road to better poker."
Poker Lesson #1   
Sit N Goes Made Easy
Howard Lederer
March 14, 2005
"The Sit N Go is the flight simulator of
Final Table play, and mastering it should
be considered mandatory homework for
the serious student."
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