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Full Tilt Poker Tips from the Pros, Clonie Gowen
Full Tilt Poker Tips from the Pros, Clonie Gowen
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Full Tilt Poker Tips from the Pros, Clonie Gowen
Clonie Gowen
Poker Lesson #5
In Pot Limit Omaha
April 11, 2005

Most Pot Limit Omaha players know that Omaha is a game of "the nuts." In a
multi-way pot, the winning hand is, more often than not, the best possible
hand out there. When you start with four cards, you have six different
possible two-card hands. This increases the chances that someone is holding
the nuts. What many beginning Pot Limit Omaha players do not understand
is that Omaha is really a game of redraws.

A redraw means that after the flop, you not only have some kind of made
hand, you also have draws to a better hand. Having redraws in Pot Limit
Omaha is so important that it is sometimes mathematically correct to fold the
nuts on the flop. For example: suppose you raise in the late position with Ac
Kh Tc 9h -- a very good starting Omaha hand. Two players call and you see
the flop three-handed. The flop comes 6d 7s 8s. You've flopped the nut
straight, which is the best hand possible at the moment. The problem is that
you have absolutely no chance to improve your hand. This is as good as it
gets. This may be okay if both of your opponents check to you. But, if one
opponent makes a pot-sized bet and the next one makes a pot-sized raise,
then what do you do? How can you fold the nuts?

If one of your opponents has flopped a set, and the other player -- or
possibly even the same player -- has a flush draw, you are almost a 2-1 dog
to win the pot. If one of those opponents has the same straight as you with
a flush draw as well, or a wrap to a higher straight (such as 9,T,J), your hand
is even worse because you can only win half the pot even if you don't lose to
a flush or full house. You have to ask yourself what your opponents would
possibly be betting and raising with on this flop. If there is a chance that all
of the redraws are out against you, then you should always fold. If both of
your opponents check and either one is tricky enough to be capable of a
check raise, then you should still check this flop. If a blank comes on the turn
- the 3c for instance -- your hand will be much stronger. Keep in mind,
though, that if all of those draws are still out against you, even now you're
not much better than 50% to win this pot.

Having multiple redraws to the nuts is much better in Omaha than having the
best hand at the moment. Lay this hand down and save your chips for use in
a better spot.

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