Absolute Poker Room Review

Absolute Poker is the world's fourth largest online poker destination offering
worldwide access to multi-player online poker games 24 hours a day, seven days a
week. Absolute Poker offers friendly customer service which is always fast,
knowledgeable, and professional. Driven by proprietary software, Absolute Poker
also has one of the most comprehensive, interactive online poker rooms.

Current Promotions

Multi Table Tournament and Sit & Go Tournament Qualifiers

There are a variety of ways to win your entry into the Absolute Poker $100k
Guaranteed tournament.  $18 +2 and $27 +3 Multi Table Qualifiers run daily (except
Saturdays) at 21:15 and 23:15 ET respectively.  $18 +2 and $36 +3 Sit & Go
Qualifiers run throughout the week.   

If you want in on Saturday's tournament and don't want to either buy-in directly or
pay to enter their Qualifiers, you can still win your seat in one of the Satellites, with
buy-ins as low as $1.10!  Multi Table Satellites and Sit & Go Satellites run daily to
their Qualifiers.

Here is how it works:

Multi Table Tournaments

$18 +2 Qualifier to $100k Guaranteed - one entry to the $100k Guaranteed will be
awarded for every 9 entrants in the Qualifier
$27 +3 Qualifier to $100k Guaranteed - one entry to the $100k Guaranteed will be
awarded for every 6 entrants in the Qualifier
$1 +.10 Satellite to $100k Qualifier - one entry to the next $18 +2 Qualifier will be
awarded for every 20 entrants in the Satellite
$2 +.20 Satellite to $100k Qualifier - one entry to the next $18 +2 Qualifier will be
awarded for every 10 entrants in the Satellite
$3 +.30 Satellite to $100k Qualifier - one entry to the next $27 +3 Qualifier will be
awarded for every 10 entrants in the Satellite

Sit & Go Tournaments

$18 +2 Qualifier to $100k Guaranteed - 1st place wins entry to the $100k
$36 +3 Qualifier to $100k Guaranteed - 1st and 2nd win entry to the $100k
$2.50 +.25 Satellite to $100k Qualifier - 1st wins entry to an $18 +2 Qualifier listed
in the tournament title; 2nd place wins $2.50
$5 +.50 Satellite to $100k Qualifier - 1st and 2nd win entry to an $18 +2 Qualifier
listed in the tournament title; 3rd place wins $5
$7.50 +.75 Satellite to $100k Qualifier - 1st and 2nd win entry to a $27 +3 Qualifier
listed in the tournament title; 3rd place wins $7.50

Mark Seif Heads-Up Shoot Out

Always wanted to go head to head with a pro? Well, now's your chance. Now in any
of Absolute Poker's Multi or Single table tourneys that have a real money buy-in and
fee you can earn points towards their weekly leader board. Each weekend the
previous week's TLB winner will play Mark Seif Heads-Up for $1,000. If they lose, the
$1,000 will be added to the following weekend's prize pool.

Absolute Poker Challenge

The Absolute Poker Challenge is Absolute Poker's most popular online poker
tournament event, offering a challenge to all tourney players. Each week, the top
finishers from tournaments held from Sunday through Saturday are awarded entries
into Sunday's $1,000 AP Challenge. With entries being awarded to the top finishers
in a wide range of buy-in tournaments and FreeRolls, the event offers a challenge to
players of all skill levels.

The number of entries awarded to the AP Challenge varies depending on the buy-in
of the tournament, according to the following schedule:

$2 - Top 3 Finishers Advance
$5 - Top 6 Finishers Advance
$10 - Top 9 Finishers Advance
$20 and Higher - Top 12 Finishers Advance
FreeRolls - Top 5 Finishers Advance
The AP Challenge is held every Sunday at 18:15 ET and has a prize pool of $1,000.
Registration starts 24 hours before the start of the tournament. Players who qualify
on the Saturday prior to the event may not be able to register until the Sunday on
which the AP Challenge is held. Players who qualify for the AP Challenge will have to
register for the tournament in the 24 hour period before the start of the
tournament. To register, go to the AP Challenge tournament lobby located in the
"Tourney" section with the state "restricted". Once in the lobby, click on the
"register" button and you will be allowed into the tournament.

New Registration and New Depositors FreeRolls!

Register an account or make your first deposit with Absolute Poker and qualify for
your chance to win in their weekly FreeRolls!  Absolute Poker offers daily FreeRoll
satellites for newly registered members and members who make their first deposit.
The top 200 from each daily satellite advance to the weekly finals, which takes place
every Sunday.

The New Registration Main Event takes place every Sunday at 15:30 ET, and has a
prize pool of $1,000 paid over the top 63 places. Players who register a new
account at Absolute Poker can enter the next daily New Registration Satellite, which
takes place every night at 22:00 ET. The top 200 from each New Registration
Satellite qualify for the New Registration Main Event on Sunday.

The New Depositors Main Event takes place every Sunday at 19:30 ET, and has a
prize pool of $3,000 paid over the top 63 places. All players who have made a
deposit at Absolute Poker can enter one New Depositors Satellite, which are held
daily at 18:30 ET. The top 200 from each New Depositors Satellite qualify for the
New Depositors Main Event on Sunday.

The top 200 from each Satellite are automatically put on the list of players for the
Main Event on Sunday, so all players who qualify only have to click on "register" in
the tournament lobby of the Main Event in order to be able to play in the Main Event.

New Player Deposit Bonus

Team Absolute is pleased to award a 200% First Time Deposit Bonus up to $200 to
every new player on their first purchase - you don't want to miss out on these great
sign up bonuses!

To make your first deposit, simply follow the five easy steps:

1. Download the FREE software.
2. Open your Absolute Poker account.
3. Enter the CASHIER and click deposit.
4. Enter Bonus Code AP200
5. Buy chips and receive the 200% deposit BONUS up to $200.

Poker Games Offered

If you download Absolute Poker, you can choose between the following poker

Texas Hold'em (No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit)
Omaha (Pot Limit and Limit)
Omaha Hi-Lo (No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit)
Seven Card Stud (Limit only)
Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo (Limit only)

Limits and Rake

Absolute Poker
offers poker games with limits ranging from $.02/$.04 up to
$75/$150. Limits go up to $75/$150 for Texas Hold'em, $75/$150 for Omaha,
$40/$80 for Omaha Hi-Low, and $25/$50 for both Seven Card Stud and Seven Card
Stud Hi-Lo.

The standard rake at a full table is 5% up to $3. It is Absolute Poker's policy not to
charge a rake if there is no flop ("no flop no drop").

Deposit Options

Absolute Poker offers the following options for deposits:

Switch/Maestro/Solo/Visa Electron/Delta (UK players)
Electronic Check
Central Coin (US players)

Frequent Player Points

Absolute Poker recognizes their player's continued patronage through Rewards
Points (RPs).  RPs are easy and quick to earn and are awarded 2 different ways.

For hands played at real money ring games
Tournament buy-in fees.
Currently, you can redeem your RPs for ARP tourney entries. Don't wait, register for
an Absolute Rewards tourney now by clicking on the "ARP" sub-tab on the main
"Multi Tournaments" tab in the Absolute Poker lobby and start winning REAL money.

The AR Store offers authentic Absolute Poker apparel and merchandise which you
can redeem your RPs for store items. Start redeeming your points for Absolute Poker

Rewards Points are awarded to players as follows:

1 Point for every hand played in a REAL money ring game that has collected at least
the minimum rake ($0.50)
4 Points for every dollar in tournament buy-in Fee. Please note that the tournament
fee is now collected as a 9% of the total of the prize pool and that Rewards Points
will be based on the fee collected rounded up to the closest whole number. For
example a $10 tourney will generate $0.90 in fees, and will earn 4 points.
NOTE: Players will have a "hand" counted, and be awarded the appropriate point(s),
as long as they are sitting in at the table & have made a first time deposit. Players
can fold their hand, but can not be sitting out. If the hand is folded without action
and any rake being collected then no players will be awarded any points.

Software and Playability

After downloading the Absolute Poker software you will find that the display is easy
on the eyes and the cards are displayed with large graphics on the table. The
software is well designed, the layout for the lobby is easily navigated and the
graphics are smooth and easy on the eyes with large cards.

Absolute Poker's software provides easy access to Player Statistics and Hand
History. Upcoming events and announcements can be viewed at the poker table so
you know what is currently offered. There is access to Live Support which is always
a nice feature.


Change your Table Skin - You can download a new skin; select from a list of stored
skins or delete the ones you have saved
Hand History - Want to review a previous poker hand you played in, or review up to
your last 200 poker hands for that matter? Absolute Poker lets you download your
hand histories to your hard drive for easy review, or if you prefer to receive the hand
histories by email, you can request that they send your last 200 hands to your email
Instant Hand Replay - Players can quickly access a visual summary of their recent
hands at a table by using the Instant Hand Replay
Retrieving Statistical Information - Reviewing statistical information is one of the
most efficient ways to improve your poker table skills. Next time you are in the poker
room, click the "Stats" tab in the lower left corner above the chat box and see your
current statistics. Refresh them as need be
Player Notes - Another way Absolute Poker empowers online poker players is by
allowing note taking during play. Learning opponent's playing habits is one way to
improve the chances of winning. Simply right click another player's image at the table
and select the "Note" option
Player Chat - Player chat is a great feature making online poker one of the most fun,
interactive games on the Internet. Tell a player "Nice Hand", "Good Game," or a joke
you recently heard
Find a Player - Absolute Poker's "Find a Player" feature allows you to immediately
determine if a player is currently seated at an online poker table, and, if so, which
Six (6) Table Play - One game not enough? Have a need for more fast and fun poker
action? Well at Absolute Poker you can play in up to 6 games/tournaments at once
Personalized Player Images - Absolute Poker let's you insert your own personalized
picture for view during your play at the tables. Don't just be another player at the
table, create a little more identity whether it be an actual picture of you, your idol, or
favorite past time hero
Hot Key Buttons - Don't like using your mouse, no problem. Absolute Poker has
designed special Hot Key Buttons that allow you to play using your keyboard. These
keys allow you to call, fold, check, and raise with the push of a button

Customer Service

Absolute Poker encourages their players to offer feedback to the Absolute Poker
team by way of comments, suggestions, or notification of any problems. All feedback
is closely examined and any necessary responses are made by an Absolute Poker
representative. Absolute Poker provides quick responses to all emails.
Absolute Poker Room review
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Absolute poker Room Review

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