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Review of Full Tilt
April 10, 2006

The 2006 Bellagio Five-Star World Poker Classic continued Sunday with the
final table for Event #4 ($3,000 No-Limit Hold'em). On Saturday, 228 players
entered the tournament, playing until 3:00 am before stopping play with 16

1. Erick Lindgren - 288,000
2. John Phan - 169,000
3. David "Devilfish" Ulliott - 124,000
4. Brett Jungblut - 118,000
5. Rene Angelil - 91,500
6. Bernard Ko - 71,500
7. Cary Katz - 66,500
8. Vinnie DeVita - 64,000
9. R. Jim Eggebrecht - 63,000
10. James Hoeppner - 60,000
11. Graham Duke - 59,500
12. Jeffrey Abramovitz - 54,000
13. Mark Cole - 46,500
14. William Parker - 42,000
15. Thor Hansen - 30,500
16. Jeff Miller - 24,000

At 3:00 pm Sunday, play resumed, and it took about 45 minutes to bust six
players to reach the final table. The eliminated players were Graham Duke
(16th), William Parker (15th), Jeff Miller (14th), Jeffrey Abramovitz (13th), Gary
Katz (12th), and David "Devilfish" Ulliott (11th).

Here were the approximate chip counts as they redrew seats for the final

1. Erick Lindgren - 300,000 (seat 2)
2. R. Jim Eggebrecht - 200,000 (seat 3)
2. John Phan - 200,000 (seat 7)
4. Brett Jungblut - 130,000 (seat 10)
5. Thor Hansen - 100,000 (seat 1)
6. Mark Cole - 90,000 (seat 5)
7. Bernard Ko - 80,000 (seat 6)
8. Rene Angelil - 70,000 (seat 4)
9. James Hoeppner - 60,000 (seat 8)
10. Vinnie DeVita - 50,000 (seat 9)

The blinds were 4,000-8,000 (1,000 ante) when three players found
themselves all in after a flop of Qd-Qh-9s. Angelil had pushed his short stack
in with Ah-2c (ace high), hoping to win the pot uncontested, but his timing
was horrible. Hoeppner had Qc-Jc (trip queens), and Phan had flopped a full
house with pocket nines (9c-9h). The turn card was the As, making it even
more interesting since Angelil suddenly had a chance to win if another ace hit
the river, and Hoeppner needed a queen or a jack. The river card was the
case queen, giving Hoeppner four of a kind, and cracking Phan's full house. It
was an amazing turn that knocked two players out in the same hand -- Rene
Angelil was out in 10th place, and John Phan was out in 9th place.

About five minutes later, after a flop of 6d-5h-3c, Devita moved all in with
pocket fours (pair, open-ended straight draw), and Ko called with As-2h (ace
high, gut-shot straight draw). The turn was the Kh, and the river was -- the
Ac. Ko hit a pair of aces to knock Vinnie DeVita out in 8th place.

It was a fairly quick final table. Less than half an hour later, Hansen moved all
in preflop with A-K offsuit against Ko's pocket jacks. The board came
10-6-2-3-3, and Thor Hansen was sent home in 7th place.

Just three minutes later, Jungblut moved all in with pocket tens, but he was
called by Lindgren with pocket jacks. Five cards later, Brett Jungblut was
eliminated in 6th place.

Shortly after 5:00 pm, the players took a 15-minute break before the blinds
increased to 6,000-12,000 (2,000 ante). Hoeppner had the chip lead after his
big hand with four queens, but Lindgren wasn't too far behind.

As soon as the break was over, Cole took A-Q suited into battle against Ko's
pocket sixes. The board brought no aces or queens, and Mark Cole was sent
home in 5th place.

Half an hour later, Hoeppner moved all in with Ad-Jc against Lindgren's
dominating As-Kc. Hoeppner flopped a jack to take the lead, but Lindgren
turned a king to take it away. The last card was a blank, and James
Hoeppner was out in 4th place.

About 6:30 pm, Ko was all in with pocket eights (8d-8s) against Lindgren's
Ah-Js, and they were in a race situation. The flop came Qh-6h-4h, giving
Lindgren the nut flush draw to go with his two overcards. The Jd on the turn
gave him a higher pair, and that left Ko with a single out -- the eight of clubs.
The river card was -- the 7c. So close, and yet so far. Bernard Ko had to
settle for 3rd place.

Lindgren had about 1,000,000 to Eggebrecht's 350,000 as they started
heads-up play. They traded a few small pots until they saw a flop of
10d-6d-4d, and Eggebrecht moved all in. Lindgren called with Ac-Kd, and
Eggebrecht was caught bluffing with Ah-2d. Any diamond would clinch it for
Lindgren, and Eggebrecht could only win with a deuce or a runner-runner
straight. The turn card was the Kh, giving Lindgren a pair of kings to clinch
the hand, and the tournament. Jim Eggebrecht was out in 2nd place.

Erick Lindgren wins Event #4 ($3,000 No-Limit Hold'em), earning $261,555, a
gold Bellagio bracelet, and a $25,500 seat in the WPT World Championship
on April 18th. Lindgren adds this title to his third place finish at the Borgata
earlier this year, and he has already crossed the half-million dollar mark in
2006 tournament winnings.

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