2006 World Poker Tour
World Poker Tour Season 4
Main Event No Limit Hold'em  
Final Day   

February 24, 2006
WPT Invitational/WPT Season

Commerce Casino
Commerce, California
world poker tour wpt
Barry Greenstein
world poker tour wpt
world poker tour wpt
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world poker tour wpt
Place         Name                                 Prize

Barry Greenstein (Rancho Palo Verde, CA)$100,000 + $25,500 Seat

2. Blair Rodman (Las Vegas, NV, USA)  $50,000

3. Allen Kessler (Huntington Valley, PA, USA)  $20,000

4. Jesse Jones (Las Vegas, NV, USA)  $15,000

5. Tom Lock (Henderson, NV, USA)  $10,000

6. Ugur Marangoz (Las Vegas, NV, USA)  $5,000


Tournament Report

Robin Hood Outlasts the Field to Capture WPT Invitational Title

February 24, 2006

The WPT L.A. Poker Classic Invitational was filled with poker pros and
Hollywood celebrities alike when play started two days ago.  However, the
only “celebrity” left at the final table was Barry Greenstein.  Greenstein has
achieved a certain level of celebrity status outside of the poker world by
donating 100% of his tournament winnings to charity.  Known as “The Robin
Hood of Poker”, Greenstein was guaranteed to help out more charities today
by being at the final table.

Greenstein started the final televised table with the chip lead and played big
stack poker all night long.  He was constantly raising pots and accumulating
chips.  However, day one chip leader Ugur Marangoz did not fall victim to
Greenstein’s stack.  Instead, he was eliminated early in action when Jesse
Jones flopped the nut flush to eliminate him in sixth place, earning him $5,000.

Tom Lock, however, did run into the Greenstein freight train.  After a ten high
flop, Lock moved all in against Greenstein.  Greenstein called and showed A-
10.  Unfortunately for Lock, his J-10 was dominated.  The turn and river
brought him no help and Tom Lock was knocked out in fifth place.  Lock
earned $10,000 for his play.

Only 30 minutes later, Greenstein won the hand of the day.  After Greenstein
raised, Jesse Jones reraised all in.  Greenstein called and showed pocket
nines.  Jones and his Q-J would have to improve.  The flop came 10-9-2,
giving Greenstein a set and Jones an open ended straight draw.  Jones
completed his straight on the turn when a king fell.  However, the case nine
came on the river and Barry Greenstein made quad nines to eliminate Jesse
Jones.  Jones earned $15,000 for his fourth place finish.

It took only ten minutes for Barry Greenstein to take out his next opponent.  
Allen Kessler raised preflop and Greenstein put him all in.  Kessler called all in
with A-7 against the pocket jacks of Greenstein.  Any hope that Kessler had
was quickly diminished as Greenstein flopped a third jack.  The turn and river
were no help and Kessler earned $20,000 for his third place finish.

That left only poker pro and author Blair Rodman to try and take down “Robin
Hood”.  The two traded pots back and forth for a few minutes before
Greenstein was able to seal the deal.  Greenstein raised preflop again and
Rodman moved all in over the top.  Greenstein called him immediately with A-
K and had Rodman’s A-10 dominated.  The board did not improve Rodman
and he was knocked out in second place, earning his $50,000.

For his victory, Barry Greenstein earned a $25,000 buy in to the WPT
Championship.  More importantly, he won $100,000 that he will be donating
to charity.  As the winner of the WPT L.A. Poker Classic Invitational at the
Commerce Casino, Barry Greenstein has furthered his reputation as “The
Robin Hood of Poker”.  He truly is a celebrity for the work he does to help
those who are less fortunate than himself.

Report by Jay Newnum
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World Poker Tour Season 4
2006 World Poker Tour Invitational
Main Event No Limit Hold'em  
Final Day   

February 24, 2006
WPT Invitational/WPT Season 4

Commerce Casino
Commerce, California
Buy-In: $0
Prize Pool: $200,000
Entries: 315
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