Legends of Poker
World Poker Tour Season 4
Main Event No Limit Hold'em
Final Day

August 31, 2005
Legends of Poker - WPT
Season 4
Bicycle Casino
Bell Gardens, California
world poker tour wpt
world poker tour wpt
Alex Kahaner
world poker tour wpt
World Poker Tour Season 4
Legends of Poker
Main Event No Limit Hold'em
Final Day

August 31, 2005
Legends of Poker - WPT Season 4
Bicycle Casino
Bell Gardens, California
Buy-In: $5,000 + $150
Prize Pool: $4,195,000
Entries: 839
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Tournaments Feed
Place         Name         Prize

Alex Kahaner (Van Nuys, CA, USA) $1,125,000 + $25,500 Seat

2. Kenna James (Downey, CA, USA) $588,210

3. Jake Minter (Albuquerque, NM, USA) $333,600

4. Tim Phan (Westminster, CA, USA) $291,900

5. Todd Phillips (Los Angeles, CA, USA) $250,200

6. Kevin O'Donnell (Scottsdale, AZ, USA) $208,500

7. Dao Bac (Garden Grove, CA, USA) $166,800

8. Eriberto Soto (Mesa, AZ, USA) $125,100

9. Mark Bryan (Irvine, CA, USA) $83,400

10. Adam Richardson (San Diego, CA, USA) $45,870

11. Webber Kang (Dallas, TX, USA) $45,870

12. Amnon Filippi (New York, NY, USA) $45,870

13. Damon Ahmadi (Norwalk, CA, USA) $37,530

14. Joe Graziano (USA) $37,530

15. Ralph Levine (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $37,530

16. James Olson (Fairoaks, CA, USA) $29,190

17. James Robinson (San Gabriel, CA, USA) $29,190

18. Alex Roberts (San Francisco, CA, USA) $29,190

19. Luntom Anderson (USA) $20,850

20. Seng Tran (El Monte, CA, USA) $20,850

21. Cary Katz (San Diego, CA, USA) $20,850

22. Cyndy Violette (Absecon, NJ, USA) $20,850

23. Kevin Song (Hacienda Heights, CA, USA) $20,850

24. Paul Phillips (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $20,850

25. Padraig Parkinson (Dublin, Ireland) $20,850

26. Can Kim Hua (Rosemead, CA, USA) $20,850

27. Mats Gavatin (Lidingo, Sweden) $20,850

28. John Sacha (Denver, CO, USA) $14,595

29. Yakov Hirsch (Brooklyn, NY, USA) $14,595

30. Andrew Bloch (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $14,595

31. Patrick Ford (San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA) $14,595

32. Jeff McNirlon (USA) $14,595

33. Jamie De' Ath (USA) $14,595

34. Joe Michel (USA) $14,595

35. Gabe Kaplan (Los Angeles, CA, USA) $14,595

36. Juan Carlos Mortensen (Madrid, Spain) $14,595

37. Randall Skaggs (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $12,095

38. Dan Heimiller (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $12,095

39. Dee Stasnopolis (Bakersfield, CA, USA) $12,095

40. Rod Peate (Downey, CA, USA) $12,095

41. Jason Steinhorn (Cupertino, CA, USA) $12,095

42. Terrence Johnson (USA) $12,095

43. Jerry Richardson (Irvine, CA, USA) $12,095

44. Matt Lefkowitz (Carmel Valley, CA, USA) $12,095

45. Jason Katsutani (Los Angeles, CA, USA) $12,095

46. Massoud Mazhari (Glendale, CA, USA) $9,800

47. Steven Hudak (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $9,800

48. Matthew Ellsby (Chandler, AZ, USA) $9,800

49. Darrin Grosvenor (Birmingham, United Kingdom) $9,800

50. Renee Wexler (Oceanside, CA, USA) $9,800

51. Nat Koe (Irvine, CA, USA) $9,800

52. Daniel Shak (Bryn Mawr, PA, USA) $9,800

53. Max "Italian Pirate" Pescatori (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $9,800

54. Billy Duarte, Jr. (Berthoud, CO, USA) $9,800

55. Scott Lundberg (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA) $8,340

56. Jim McManus (Chicago, IL, USA) $8,340

57. Raj Sawant (Topeka, KS, USA) $8,340

58. Jerry Paladian (USA) $8,340

59. Tony Grand (Chatsworth, CA, USA) $8,340

60. Michael Simhai (Beverly Hills, CA, USA) $8,340

61. Jennifer Harman Traniello (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $8,340

62. Phi Nguyen (Santa Ana, CA, USA) $8,340

63. Susan Powers (Oceanside, CA, USA) $8,340

64. Luong Trinh (CA, USA) $7,500

65. Neil Ricklefsen (USA) $7,500

66. Ramzi Daniel (Los Angeles, CA, USA) $7,500

67. Wayne Ravenelle (USA) $7,500

68. Mark Griffin (Calgary, Canada) $7,500

69. James Mordue (Beverly Hills, CA, USA) $7,500

70. Paul Zibits (Long Beach, CA, USA) $7,500

71. Ian Glenn (USA) $7,500

72. Mihran Freeland (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $7,500
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