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Poker Players Storm into New Orleans:
World Series of Poker Circuit Returns to the
Big Easy
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New Orleans, Louisiana - May 18, 2006 – Poker has been an integral part
of our culture for nearly 200 years.  Poker first became popular in the
American South.  Five-card draw was played on Mississippi riverboats
passing through New Orleans.  Poker became increasingly popular during
the Civil War and was played on battlefields from Appomattox to
Vicksburg.  Later, poker evolved into America’s favorite recreational
pastime when millions of veterans returned home from World War II and
created a “poker night” in every small town and big city.  

Now, poker is playing a different historical role.  Poker has become part of
the revival of a great American city.  Over the next two weeks, thousands
of poker players will embark to New Orleans.  They will stay in fine hotels,
eat fabulous food, listen to great music, and play poker – heavily
contributing to the local economy.  If poker represents “all of the worst
aspects of capitalism,” as writer Neil Simon notoriously observed in “The
Odd Couple,” it most certainly symbolizes a return to normalcy in the most
abnormal of American cities.

Indeed, New Orleans is back!  Eight months after Hurricane Katrina
slammed into The Big Easy, leaving the most costly natural disaster in U.S.
history behind, the World Series of Poker Circuit ceremoniously returned to
the city where poker has its deepest roots.  
For the second consecutive year, Harrah’s New Orleans, located next to
the historic French Quarter, hosted a WSOP Circuit stop.  The Harrah’s New
Orleans Bayou Poker Challenge is the 11th Circuit event on the 2005-06
Circuit calendar.

The Bayou Poker Challenge features six open events, with buy-ins ranging
from $500 to $10,000.  The Ladies No-Limit Championship (with a $200
buy-in) will also be offered.  The main event is the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’
em Championship, which will be televised by ESPN, the leader in sports

“Poker is a big part of the history of our city,” said Rick Korte, Poker Room
Manager for Harrah’s New Orleans. “Last year, the WSOP Circuit came here
for the first time and attracted a fabulous turnout.  This year, poker is even
more important to our players, local merchants, and the economy of New
Orleans.  We are proud that the World Series of Poker is playing a role in
the recovery of this region.”

The Bayou Poker Challenge began today.  The first event attracted 545
players.  The tournament will run through Sunday, May 28th.

Poker Room Manager – Rick Korte
WSOP Circuit Tournament Director – Jack Effel
Media Director – Nolan Dalla
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