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Why is it that some poker players are appealing to us, who we embrace and
root for, while we loathe other players, who get under our skin and we hope
to see lose. The first reason for this phenomenon is player attitude and
sportsmanship, or lack thereof. When we see a player like Daniel Negreanu,
who is liked by most poker players, win a hand, we are happy for him, and
wish for him to be successful at his game. The same goes for Phil Gordon,
who is always a professional pro at the tables. The best player, poker
professional or not, usually has an outstanding quality which fans are drawn
to. In the case of the poker professionals mentioned, it is the quality od
sportsmanship and  friendliness, while still appearing as a formidable
opponent while playing at the poker tables. It is a natural talent that these
guys either possess or not. In the not category, the first poker professional
that comes to mind is Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow. What pleasure to see
them lose a big hand, and begin the ranting and whining that they happen to
be famous for. The most entertaining televised poker tournament that I have
watched was with both Hellmuth and Matusow at the same final table.
Hellmuth declared "war" on Matusow. The behavior of these players leads to
you wanting to see them lose, so they will begin to rant and rave, and really
make fools of themselves. It is understandable to get pissed off when an
opponent sucks out in a big hand, but to carry on for the rest of the
tournament like Hellmuth does, is laughable and unprofessional. There is a
clear distinction between the first poker professionals mentioned, Negreanu
and Gordon, and the aforementioned players. Self control is a major texas
holdem poker strategy, and should be practiced by all players at the table. By
keeping a check on your emotions and outbursts, you will be a more effective
poker player and will be less readable by your opponents.

Most avid poker fans will agree that Daniel Negreanu is one of the most well
liked poker pros, and has a large poker fan base. When you see him playing,
and making unbelievable reads and calls, you realize what a sharp, extremely
talented poker professional he really is. Visit the Daniel Negreanu blog for
more information on Daniel's poker play and latest tournament entries and

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