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Cheating at Ultimate Bet Poker Room

Online Poker Cheating at Ultimate Bet Poker

The investigation into the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal has named Russ Hamilton, winner of the 1994 World Series of Poker Main Event, as one of the people behind the scam that involved user accounts with the ability to see other players’ hole cards.

This is a similar cheating scandal to the one seen at Absolute Poker when a user named Potripper was detected winning a big tournament through suspicious means.

The online poker cheating came to light when several players expressed concern over the questionable actions of some online poker players. The players then started charting the suspicious account activity in an attempt to uncover a track record of questionable decisions that benefited these suspicious accounts. In light of these activities the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which licenses many of the online poker rooms, launched a full-scale investigation. The KGC hired a gaming consulting firm run by Frank Catania Sr., a former New Jersey Assistant Attorney General.

According to the IGamingNews report, which takes its information from the KGC’s preliminary report, Russ Hamilton was behind the superuser scandal as he gained access through his work with the Ultimate Bet affiliate program team. The scam is estimated to have been running for three and a half years, costing Ultimate Bet players $6.1 million.

No other names have been revealed yet, but the KGC is already taking action based on the preliminary report. The full report on the incident is expected to be ready by November, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has said that they will be working with law enforcement agencies in order to bring the poker cheaters to justice.

The KGC has imposed a fine of $1.5 million on Ultimate Bet and has put forth a number of actions that Ultimate Bet must take before this cheating episode is concluded.

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