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Gambling Law Effects

Due to the recent passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement
Act, some online poker rooms have decided to temporarily stop accepting
wagers from U.S. poker players.

We suggest that you play online poker at the following poker sites:
Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, Doyle's Room, Poker.com, PokerRoom.com,
Paradise Poker, and Absolute Poker. Although some online poker sites have
decided to not accept U.S. players, playing
online poker is NOT illegal.

The new Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has caused a bit of
chaos and confusion in the online poker gaming industry. A few online poker
sites have decided to stop taking wagers from U.S. poker players as soon as
the new law takes effect. Other poker sites have decided to stand their
ground and have stated that they are operating legally in spite of the new

Party Poker, Pacific Poker and InterPoker have already stated that they will
not be taking bets from U.S. players when the gambling act is signed. Party
Poker has already suffered major losses in stock prices and stock value. They
stand to lose more than 75% of their revenue stream when they ban U.S.
poker players from playing on their site.

However, several online poker sites we have contacted are taking a stand
against this new law. These sites include Full Tilt Poker, Poker.com, Doyle's
Room, and Paradise Poker.

We contacted Poker.com and received the following statement:

"The passing of this act through congress will have no immediate effect on
operations at Poker.com. We are not currently planning to close the accounts
of U.S. players, and all funds within player accounts are perfectly safe and will
be readily accessible. It is worth noting that the act is primarily realted to
financial transactions between gaming businesses and banks and no
penalties have been indroduced to discourage individual citizens who wish to
play poker online. We will continually monitor the legislative changes and
obtain detailed legal advice on this situation, but for now it is business as

A representative from Doyle's Room had this to say:

"We are continuing to monitor the situation, we have no further comments,
and we will continue business as usual."

Paradise Poker responded with this statement:

"It is business like usual at this time with Paradise Poker.  Sportingbet has
not closed the doors on U.S. players."

So, it looks like at least some of the major online poker rooms have decided
to keep running operations normally, and will continue to accept wagers from
U.S. poker players.

The Poker Players Alliance has stated that they will be fighting to regulate
online poker. So far, there has been mixed reactions from several of the
major online poker rooms.

Nolan Dalla, Director of Media Relations for the World Series of Poker recently
stated some of his personal opinions on the new gambling law.

"I expect this to have a ripple effect across the entire industry. Most of the
larger poker sites, and likely offshore sportsbooks as well, will be forced to
block wagers from U.S. residents. Otherwise, all operators/employees are
subject to arrest and prosecution if they enter U.S. territory. Those here and
elsewhere who have stated this new law "only applies to financial
transactions" have a narrow and tragically misguided view of the legislation."

"If poker sites can not accept deposits from U.S. players, that will kill 70-80
percent of the overall market. The question becomes - is there enough of a
remaining market and enough contributing players in smaller markets to
sustain operations and expansion? Perhaps. But, it will take years, if not a
decade to return to what has been the golden age of poker."

Dalla continues, stating "Big events like the World Series of Poker, which
attract many players and great interest from online poker sites, could decline
in size for the first time in history. I am most sensitive to commenting upon
this event because I still have a longstanding association with the WSOP.
However, anyone who looks at the situation must conclude that the WSOP
and major poker tournaments will be hurt by this new law."

Although several online poker rooms have stated that it is business as usual,
this issue has been causing a bit of confusion and panic in the online poker

I personally play at several major online poker sites, and have decided that I
will continue to play poker online as usual until further notice. I have
complete faith in the poker rooms that I play at, and feel that my money is
safe and accesible. However, there has been quite a stir created, and many
players from the Unites States are wondering if they will be able to play
poker online in the near future.

A lot has happend in the online poker industry in the past few days. From
plummeting stock prices, to Party Poker backing out of the poker industry, to
online players yanking money out of their accounts. One thing is for sure, this
new law has changed online poker. Party Poker is one of the largest online
poker rooms on the internet and without them, the online poker landscape is
forever changed. However, according to Card Player legal experts, online
poker is NOT illegal.

We will be monitoring this situation closely, so come back often for all the
latest updates on the new online gambling law.

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