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Holdem Genius Odds Calculator

Play all of your Texas Holdem hands like a pro with Holdem Genius™ - the most advanced Texas Holdem odds calculator and the ultimate weapon for playing technically perfect Texas Holdem hands.

  • Every Poker Odd Imaginable

    Pot and hand odds on every card, exact hands that can beat you, odds of drawing out, advice for multiple games at once... Holdem Genius™ takes odds calculations to the next level.
  • The Most Accurate In-Game Advice Possible

    Holdem Genius™ uses advanced mathematical algorithms to consider multiple variables -opponents, position, fold depth, pot odds - so you get the most accurate poker advice possible.
  • Unmatched Ability to Act Quicker and Smarter

    Never waste time and energy calculating odds in your head. Holdem Genius™ lets you use time to your advantage: Find tells. Steal more pots. Focus entirely on fine-tuning your game.
  • Perfectly Customized to Your Playing Style

    Want to be a purely tight-aggressive player? Never want to call in the small blind unless your hand is in the top 5%? Set up Holdem Genius™ exactly to your preferred style and adjust easily as the game develops.

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