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Kentucky Court Rules Against Online Poker

The courts in the state of Kentucky have upheld a recent ruling that allows the state to ban and confiscate poker website URL's including some of the most popular poker rooms like pokerstars, ultimate poker and full tilt. These websites include any online wagering site that allows online wagering for cash. They will have to block access to all residents of the state of Kentucky by November 17th or the state will sieze their website url.

The implications of this are that many other states will most likely follow suit. This means that any state will have the power to ban a poker room or online casino, or even worse, take the website from the owner until they comply with the court order. I will keep everyone posted of any new developments in this court case.

I expect the appeal process is already in the works, but appeals take time, a lot of time in most cases. I have already seen that some online casinos and poker rooms have a statement reading that all residents of the state of Kentucky are now banned from playing online at their poker room or casino. This does not bode well for us poker players in the US.

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