A native of Toronto, Daniel
Negreanu recognized early on
in his life that he had a knack
for gambling and, more
specifically, poker. He was so
confident playing poker that at
the age of 21 Daniel dropped
out of college and moved to
Las Vegas to pursue poker
Daniel Negreanu
One of my favorite poker professionals. Read about recent
poker events that Negreanu has played in and read the
Daniel Negreanu Blog.
Daniel Negranu
Daniel Negreanu

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of Daniel Negreanu,
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Negreanu Poker Blog
With two first place finishes at
the 1997 World Poker Finals
at Foxwoods,
Daniel took the world of
tournament poker by storm
and never looked back.

Negreanu currently resides in
Las Vegas with his wife, Lori,
and continues to be the model
of composure and success for
the new generation of poker

2004 Player of the Year —
honors for Card Player
Magazine, ESPN and the World
Poker Tour (2004-2005)
proved FullContactPoker's
Daniel Negreanu has what it
takes to succeed in an ever-
growing and increasingly
competitive field.

Consistently winning since age
23 and accumulating 36+
world-wide poker victories
along the way, Daniel has been
one of the most highly visible
of young poker stars offering
his expertise as a published
author in Super System 2 and
regular poker columnist for
Card Player Magazine with
over 100 Card Player poker
articles written and published
since 2001 in the popular
poker magazine.
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Daniel’s Tip of the Day


In order to take that next step as a poker player, you have to have a decent understanding
of the math behind the game. I’m not talking Calculus or Algebra, just knowing your outs,
your pot odds and knowing when to continue with draws. Let’s look at an example here; let’
s say you were dealt a Q 10 of hearts, the flop comes 8 7 2 with 2 hearts giving you a flush
draw. Now the turn card brings a king. We’ll assume for this situation that your opponent
has A K so the only way you can win this pot right now is if you hit one of the 9 remaining
hearts. So there is 44 unseen cards, 35 cards that hurt us, 9 that helps us. That’s right
around 4 to 1 odds. So you now have to think about what your opponent is betting. If he’s
betting $20 in a $20 pot, well that’s not good odds. What you’d need to have is over 4-1
odds. So for example if he’s betting $20 but there is $500 in the pot well now it makes
sense to continue with the draw. The last part of odds we’re going to talk about is implied
odds. Even if you’re getting close to 4-1 odds if you think you can also win another bet on
the river by your opponent calling you when you’ve made your flush, well now it might be ok
to call as well. Especially in No Limit Holdem when you can actually bet a whole bunch of
money it may be ok to take what we call the wrong price to continue.
Daniel Negreanu Poker Blog
Weekend at Daniel's Hockey Edition

June 13, 2006

June 10: I woke up a little late and skipped the early breakfast at Cafe Lago
at Caesar's Palace. Instead, I met with everyone at the poker room at
Caesar's Palace.

The room was hopping. Lots of "name players' were floating around either
playing in the televised tournament being held in the tournament area or
playing in the $400-$800 mixed game. It seems as though the regular
daytime game that used to be at Bellagio is now being played at Caesar's.

We had our two table tournament set up in the high limit section right next to
the $400-$800 game. As soon as I got there I tried to memorize 20 new
names in about a five minute span. I think I did pretty well, although some of
the names were annoyingly similar. We had Greg, but we also had Craig. We
had Jenn, then we had another Jenn..

Once I said my hello's I sat down in my seat and started getting to know
everybody. I met Rich from Guelf who is a cartoonographer. No, he doesn't
create cartoons, he just takes pictures of cartoons.

Kidding of course, he is a cartographer. I had no idea what that was, but he
explained to me that he actually makes maps and stuff like that. When I
introduced him to people, though, I always introduced him as a cartoon
photographer. He was a good sport about it.

Jeff Goldenberg, an FCP guy who always does an awesome job organizing
events like these, actually busted me early on. In the last Weekend at
Daniel's it was him and I at the end and I ended up busting him.

Well, as is custom in Weekend at Daniel's freeze outs there is an additional
rule called, "It's my party I can rebuy if I want to" that allows me, and ONLY
me to have one rebuy.

I used my rebuy well, busting Jeff on the very next hand with 88 vs. AK, lol.
That almost seemed cruel...almost.

From there I went on a little tear and went to the final table as one of the
leaders. Then I ran into the ladies. The ladies just always get me. First it was
Victoria, who at one point was down to one single big blind. She then
doubled through me about 412 times and ran her 600 into close to 20,000.

After Victoria got finished raping me it was Jenn's turn. I found it funny that
Yoda, from the rail, was coaching Jenn who's only played poker maybe three
times total. She seemed to be doing fine with her "no raise pre-flop policy."

I ended up finishing in fifth. Heads up it was Rich the cartoon guy and Jenn,
the newbie. Since we had to head over to New York New York the blinds
were getting up there quickly. That's when Jenn went from a calling station to
an all-in maniac.

In about four straight all in hands Jenn came out on top begging the
question: is poker really a game of skill? Kidding :-)

After the tournament everyone loaded into two limos and we headed over to
the ESPN Zone to watch game 3 of the Edmonton-Carolina Stanley Cup final.

I had a strong opinion on the game, feeling like Edmonton was a good bet to
win game 3. I made a phone call and fired $20,000 at it laying -1.08.

Once we arrived at ESPN Zone we were ushered to the back where we had a
private room just for us. Also meeting me there were Matt and "Little Matt."

I never had a little brother, but always thought it would be cool. Little Matt
isn't my brother by blood, but I look at him like a little brother just the same.

Little Matt is quite an athlete, but he didn't know much about hockey. I did
my best to let him know a little bit about the rules and I think he got the
hang of it. Ryan, an Oilers fan who lives in Calgary (isn't that a sin?), also
helped Little Matt with the rules.

Edmonton scored an early goal and most of us cheered. Yoda (the same Yoda
from the a forums)and Jenn live in Carolina.

Edmonton scored another goal in the second period, but the whistle blew.
Maybe one of the worst calls by a ref I've seen in a long time. The puck was
just laying out there on the ice and he blew the whistle?

Carolina tied it up in the third, but Edmonton came back with a late goal and
won the game 2-1.

We ran a pool on the game where you had to pick the score after each
period and also pick who you think would score the first goal for each team.
In the first period, not only did Ryan pick the right score (1-0) but he ALSO
had the goal scorer.

That gave him a nice start to the weekend's competition. You see, each
activity we did over the two days would be worth points toward an overall
competition with a cash price. Yoda and Jenn obviously were in the lead after
winning the first tournament, but Ryan and Jenn cut into that lead with the
hockey game.

The next contest was ESPN trivia and I was partnered up with Greg. Greg
was the greatest partner I could ever ask for. He knew none of the answers,
mind you, but he never disagreed with me, lol. I got us into the finals where
we needed to sweep five questions.

I got #1, #2. #4, and #5 right, but the #3 question was totally stupid.
Something like, "Kate Smith sings a song for what hockey team?" What kind
of a stupid question was that! Ask me a hockey question for goodness sakes.
I missed that one and we were done for.

Before we headed upstairs to play some games I had to, just had to, make
somebody eat something for money, lol. I know, I know, it's sick but I just
love watching people eat for money.

Ed looked on the skinny side and I noticed that he'd already pounded down a
sirloin steak and fries. He seemed eager, though, saying that he'd do
anything for money.

So with an untouched plate of carrot cake with 8 small pieces of cake, I
figured I'd give him five minutes to eat them all. Then everyone informed me
that it would be a "piece of cake" (ha ha ha), so we got him down to three

After he downed the first four pieces in less than a minute I tried to buy him
out, "$100 if you quit now... $200 now." He said he wouldn't quit if I gave him
$1000, lol. This was apparently an important goal in Ed's life. He did it in less
than two minutes and was now $500 richer.

After the trivia was over we all went upstairs to play games. Me and Little
Matt went off to play some racing games one and one and he must have
cheated or something because I was killing him every time and then in the
last few seconds he always zipped past me, doh! Hey, what can I say, the
kid is good.

I later found that he's WAY better at the football throw. I scored 38 points
and felt like that was a score little Matt couldn't touch. Not only did he beat
that score, he made me look foolish scoring 89 points! Man, kid's got an
accurate arm.

I actually won a $100 bet on him when Brett bet me he could beat it... nope,
last time I checked, 42 doesn't beat 89, lol.

Little Matt used to be a quarterback before his accident. When he was 10
years old he suffered a pretty brutal accident where he suffered burns to
over 40% of his body. That obviously slowed him down, but it's not going to
stop him. Since I last saw him when he was in LA for a surgery about a year
ago he's looking much, much better. He's headed out to LA for another
surgery and I'm hoping it all goes as well as the last one did.

The scheduled festivities were all done for the day, but a few of the FCP crew
headed to Tao, the nightclub at Venetian for a little while. Ryan and Jenn
decided to join us as well.

We had a table right in the heart of the action. If you've never been there,
you wouldn't believe how insanely crowded it is there. When you get a table,
though, you are supposed to have some room. Supposed to that is...

At the table next to us was Carson Daly and his "entourage of scantily clad
women fawning over him. Well, they spilled over into our booth and just
decided to make themselves a drink while they were at it, lol.

We got security to move them, but it was a never ending sea of women.
Once we got rid of one group, there was another group of leaches and
money hungry cockroaches right behind them.

I went over to Carson to let him know it was nothing personal, but he was
totally cool about it. He basically told me he invited a total of four people and
had no clue who these other people were!
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