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Jamie Gold
Winner of the
2006 World Series of Poker
main event.
jamie gold 2006 wsop main event winner
2006 wsop winner jamie gold
wsop winner 2006 jamie gold
On day four of the main event wsop tournament 2006, Jamie
Gold took over the chip lead and he never looked back. He ad
bulit up his chip stack to over $25 million when he reached the
final table where he eliminated all eight of his challengers to
bring home the prize of $12 million.
The 2006 world series of poker main event attracted 8,773 participants and
60% more than the previous year's total, with an $88 million prize pool. An
estimated 90% of players made their way into the wsop main event
tournament through satellite tournaments played online.

The number of amateur players made for a difficult time for the pros. There was
not much post flop play with all of the all-in style of the online players. Only six
professional poker players made it into the final three days, Daniel Negreanu,
Annie Duke, Allen Cunningham, Humberto Brenes, Jeff Lisandro and Prahlad
Friedman. Playing against 600 other players took its toll on the pros and their
hopes of survival to the final table was slim, at best.

One by one they were eliminated except for the only one to reach the final
table, Allen Cunningham. Once he was there, he played quite aggressively and
had an incredible run of hands and knocked out one opponent after another.
Cunningham was eliminated by Gold and made it to fourth place.

Gold eliminated Michael Binger who made it to third place, then the runner up,
Paul Wasicka. Wasicka had a pocket pair of 10's on the final hand of the
tournament and Gold had a queen. He paired his queens on the flop, and the
rest is world series of poker history.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2006 WSOP main event, Jamie Gold. The
$88 million prize pool made for an unprecedented competition in the game of

It seems that Jamie gold had expressed some problems being in the final round
of the world series of poker main event. He had body guards with him on the
final day and stated that there had been threats on his life. It seems that Jamie
Gold had amassed some debt prior to his world series of poker debut. He was
supposedly selling pieces of himself off to associates and not fulfilling his end of
the bargain. Oh well.
wsop news article, Jamie Gold
Wins the 2006 World Series of
Poker (WSOP) main event
tournament to win $12 million
of the $88 million prize pool.
Congratulations to Jamie Gold.
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
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2006 WSOP news jamie gold
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2006 WSOP news jamie gold
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
Visit our
2006 WSOP Results
page for a comprehensive listing of all of the events for
the 2006 world series of poker tournaments. Get up to
date wsop results and tournament reports.
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
2006 WSOP news jamie gold
Jamie Gold wins the 2006
WSOP main event
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