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Losing with honor or winning with ease?

Do you prefer playing poker with the best players, or do you prefer to win? Poker Usher helps you stay away from strong players so you can win more money, it's as simple as that. In the Poker Usher database, all players you have ever played against are listed along with all their actions at the poker tables when they bet and how much, when they folded, what cards they showed down and so on.

Hunting down the bad players

Parting from this valuable information, Poker Usher helps you find the poker tables that contain the most passive players and the biggest losers. It is easy to appreciate how this knowledge will make your win so much more straightforward. The software is very easy to use. When you find a player you play really well against, you can put him or her up on your Poker Usher buddy list, and from then on you will know instantly if that player is online, so you can join the game and continue building your bankroll.

Finding the good poker tables

A central feature of Poker Usher is the softness rating of poker tables. This means that, using the game statistics in your Poker Usher database, the program assigns a rating value to each poker table within the stakes that you specify. The rating shows how hard or soft the resistance will be at the table, judging by which players are seated and their previous results. Once you’ve found a good table, you can join the games from within Poker Usher. No need to navigate the clustered online poker room lobby.

Approved and spyware-free

At the moment, Poker Usher is approved by and works together with three poker sites, but more poker sites will be added in near future. Poker Usher works closely together with the poker site, and there's no place for any kind of scam or cheating. The program is completely free from spyware, adware or the likes. The best news is that you can get Poker Usher FOR FREE!! Profit from this offer and start making a profit today.

Poker usher will
help you select
the best table to
sit at and win
more money
playing online
poker usher software
Poker Usher will help you find the best table to play and
win more money  playing online poker.
For a poker player who has left the absolute beginner stage, finding good tables is possibly
the most important factor in deciding his or her poker profits.
Poker Usher is the only poker
software tool that assists players in this essential undertaking. While the game is on, Poker
Usher registers everything that takes place, including board cards and betting as well as any
hole cards that are displayed in showdowns. This is a really hot online poker tool.